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Different Types Of Boilers To Install

A brand new boiler is a huge investment in your property and also has a huge responsibility for your home and the experience you have living in it. However, if you’re in the process of considering a brand new boiler for your home, why not consider the different types of boilers available? From combi boilers to system boilers and regular boilers, we’ve explained each boiler below. However, before we get right into this blog post, if you would like to contact us regarding our services, you can do so by simply giving us a call via our phone number on, 0800 689 0683.

Different Types of Boilers

Make the right decision when it comes to purchasing and installing a new boiler. Consider carrying out some research into different boilers available to you before going ahead with choosing a boiler. To get in touch, see our additional contact details below.

Combination Boilers

Combination (also known was combi) boilers have quickly become a very popular option for a homeowners throughout the United Kingdom. Why? Well, they are cost-effective and take up little room in your property. As appose to storing water, they are able to heat water as and when it is needed; so they don’t require a water tank, making them much more efficient. Also, combination boilers are the most compact boiler; this means that they are more suited to smaller homes.

Convention Boilers

As for conventional boilers, this boiler requires two water tanks in the loft and a hot water cylinder; something usually placed in an upstairs cupboard. So, as you can tell, they aren’t really suitable for smaller homes due to requiting a lot of available space. 

System Boilers 

The final boiler type to mention is the system boiler; this particular type of boiler doesn’t require water tanks in the loft. In addition to this, they run off one water cylinder; again, something often stored in an upstairs cupboard. All other components however, are built into the boiler itself. So, this makes system boilers ideal for properties with little space available. However, due to this, they are often also quicker and easier to install.

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Now that you have read our blog post, if you would like to find out more about our services here at Plum-Uk, available in Wigan, St Helens, Warrington, Leigh, Hindley, Liverpool and Manchester; just get in touch. You can reach us by either giving us a call via our phone number on, 0800 689 0683 or by sending us an email via our email address at, Info@plum-uk.com.