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The Advantages Of Powerflushing

If you’re looking to keep your boiler in great condition, then let us help with our blog post about boiler maintenance tips. There’s a number of ways to keep on top of the condition of your boiler and below you’ll find out just that. If you’d like to get in touch with us about any of our services, then please don’t hesitate to do so and call us on, 0800 689 0683.

Boiler Maintenance Tips to Consider

Whilst the boiler maintenance tips below are useful knowing; if you’d like to have a Gas Safe registered engineer take a look at your boiler, then get in touch with us! You can use the contact details at the bottom of this page. We cover All the North West, including St. Helens, Wigan, Warrington, Leigh, Hindley, Manchester and Liverpool. 


The first tip that we’d like to mention in this blog post is powerflushing services. For those unaware of what exactly powerflushing is or can do; to put simply, it involves removing all the sludge, rust and other debris that naturally builds up in the radiators and central heating system over time. Why is powerflushing on this list? Well, powerflushing has plenty of benefits such as long-term results and increasing the lifespan of your central heating system. Overall, if you’re looking to maintenance tips, powerflushing is great option. 

Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing is another great boiler maintenance tip worth mentioning in this blog post. Having a Gas Safe registered engineer conduct boiler servicing on your boiler on an annual basis could help to prevent any potential problems. The service should be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer and involves the necessary checks and tests on a boiler to ensure everything is in working order. This is a great boiler maintenance tip as it can reduce the possibility of expensive repairs etc. 

Bleeding the Radiators

Finally, bleeding the radiators throughout your home could be a good boiler maintenance option for your home. By bleeding the radiators, you can make sure they are working efficiently. If you notice cold spots on your radiators or notice that they are taking longer and longer to heat up your rooms, then it may be that they need bleeding. 

Lagging The Pipes

Finally, lagging the pipes is a great option for keeping on top of the condition of your boiler; especially during the winter and the colder months of the year. This particular maintenance tip is most useful when the temperatures are likely to drop below zero. These kind of temperatures can cause the boiler’s external condensing pipe to freeze over which will cause the boiler to cut out as a safety precaution. However, this is preventable by either lagging the pipes or leaving the heating on low to prevent it. 

Need Our Services in North West

As you can see, there’s plenty of boiler maintenance tips to consider. If you’d like to get in touch with us here at Plum-UK Limited about our services, you can do so by either giving us a call on, 0800 689 0683 or sending us an email via our email address at, info@plum-uk.com.